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To maintain a healthy mix of creative ideas we utilize a wide network of experienced graphic designers and web developers, each bringing with them unique skill sets and approaches that help us accomplish our goals. This also allows us to provide both digital and printed communications material. Our most successful marketing tools include:


A package including logo, corporate colors, typeface and a few selected images.

An important component in communicating your fund to investors. It explains the fund manager’s process, terms, statistics and other pertinent information.

Our service offering for website development covers a broad range depending on specific requirements and objectives. These include basic to advanced platforms.

Today’s most popular tool to reach out to prospective clients is through social media networks. Millions of people use these platforms, making online presence key.

A one or two page A4 sized sheet. Presenting objective, factual and key fund attributes. The goal of the Fact Sheet is to generate interest among potential investors.

Essential tools in today’s device-driven market. E-newsletters serve as regular reminders to investors, offering recent news and updates on fund performances.

We set you up on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and Twitter and more.



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